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cropped-copy-LearningBird_Logo-e1374915535653.pngLearning Bird Books is a collection of picture books designed to provide repetition of intentional and isolated sounds, namely the most commonly mispronounced in children; R, L, S, and TH.  The collection is comprised of five or more books dedicated to each of the four previously noted sounds. These engaging storylines stand to serve and entertain a spectrum of children. From the child experiencing appropriate speech development to the child that is currently receiving speech interventions.  Each book offers an isolated sound with intentional articulation and purposeful sound placement.  Learning Bird Books has been approved by multiple certified Speech-Language Pathologists and Pediatricians.  They have deemed this series sound, relevant and necessary. 


Current Learning Bird Books include:

/l/ sound

Lenny the Laziest Lizard                                 /l/ initial sound placement targeted

Tula the Girl with the Hula                             /l/ medial sound placement targeted

Maxwell and the Very Ill-Fitting Shell      /l/ final sound placement targeted

Clumsy Clover                                                        /l/ blend sound targeted

Lulu Contemplated                                              /l/ sound targeted in all placements


/r/ sound

Ryden and Ruby Ride                                        /r/ initial sound placement targeted

Marty Meets Ari                                                   /ar/ targeted sound

Dodger Wants to be Different                       /er/ targeted sound

Boris the Boring Boar                                      /or/ targeted sound

Cher and the Crazy Crazy Hair                   /air/ targeted sound

My Best Friend Dragon                                  /r / blend sound targeted

Rocco Wondered                                                /r / sound targeted in all placements


/s/ sound

Sammy and the Super Secret Surprise      /s/ initial sound placement targeted

The Case of the Missing Glasses                   /s/ medial sound placement targeted

Chase and Tess Race                                          /s/ final sound placement targeted

Snout’s Tongue Has the Sniffles                 /s/ blend sound targeted

Sadie Considers                                                /s/ sound targeted in all placements


/th/ sound

Theo Throws a Party                                       /th/ initial sound placement targeted

Anything but Vegetables                              /th/ medial sound placement targeted

Beth and the Bath                                            /th/ final sound placement targeted

The Toothpaste Bandit                                 /th/ blend sound targeted

Thane Thinks                                                     /th/ sound targeted in all placements


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