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And so it Blog-ins…

Although I have resisted citizenship to Blog Nation I can no longer deny, I must relinquish, I shall drink the Kool-Aid and I shall like it.  And with this, I am a blogger.  Citizenship granted.  My surrender is preceded by the knowledge that my story is many other people’s story.  And in sharing said story I can pave the way to helping others, give others what I was searching for.   My mission is to help little voices be heard and ironically it is the use of my own voice that will be the catalyst.  So, with that we blog-in.

*Disclaimer: I am a terrible speller, grammatically challenged and a huge fan of a good old fashioned run on sentence, just saying.

“Mommy, I willy love you.”  My sweet little boy and that damn r sound.  (Please, dismiss the occasional profanity, sometimes there are no other words.)  He was four and couldn’t say the r sound to save his little life.  Which was further exemplified when your name is Ryden, a no where close to traditional name. Yup, we are those parents that made up a word because the 25 million other boy names just weren’t satisfactory.  His frustration grew each time he was asked his name.

“I’m Wyden.” he would say.

“Wyden?” they would repeat with a look of confusion.

“NO! Wyyyyyden! R-Y-D-E-N!” He could spell his name quite early out of necessity and frustration.

My sweet child couldn’t say his name and I didn’t know how to help him.  I asked his pediatrician at what point speech development become speech delay.  He determined we weren’t quite ready for speech intervention and recommended I just keep reading to him.  I was reading to him, should I be reading something specific?  So I did what I always do when I don’t know something, I googled it.  (Side note, I am a HUGE fan of googling, HUGE!)  I knew he needed opportunities to hear the r sound, he needed repetition.  Much to my googling avail, I found nothing.  I thought there has to be picture books out there that are saturated with specific sounds.  I found none, so I made them.  There it is, the meat and potatoes…my story.  I created Learning Bird Books because there was nothing out there and if we needed these stories then surely others were in the same boat. Currently, the series is comprised of twenty-two books focused on the four most commonly mispronounced sounds, R, L, TH, and S.   Each story has an isolated target sound and intentional and purposeful sound placement.  I have consulted a Speech-Language Pathologist to ensure my work is sound and effective.  Next stop Barnes and Noble!   I intend to get these books in the little hands that need them, snuggled at bedtime with sweet munchkins, in the classrooms of  growing little humans and in the hands of effective certified Speech-Language Pathologists.  I intend to let them fly and help little voices soar.


There you have it, the bloggining.  Now let’s see where these little books can go and what little voices they can help.

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