photos 148Learning Bird Books is Jenna’s debut series. What began as a desire to help her son with his speech blossomed into twenty-two best-selling children’s books.  Both entertaining and purposeful Learning Bird Books stands to remain a staple in children’s literature.

This is my dream bio, my grandiose plan.  And here is where I intend to launch said ginormous dream. Come follow me on this publishing path as I let this series fly, and help little voices soar.  I am a mother and a registered nurse who went looking for picture books to help with my son’s speech development.  I knew he needed opportunities to hear pronunciation, he needed auditory repetition. To my googling avail,  I found no such books.   So I did what any other mother would do, I made them.  I researched and identified the four most commonly mispronounced sounds (R, L, TH, and S) and created a format and series.  I consulted a professional Speech-Language Pathologist to ensure these silly sweet stories were sound and effective.  Now, I intend to release them to the world for other parents to have, so all our sweet children’s voices are heard.  Follow my blog as it supplies mothering mishaps, speech resources, guest bloggers and I am sure I can guarantee a blunder or two!

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